Input Properties

To set the input properties of a PrintFactory Queue

Proceed as follows:
  1. Double-click the PrintFactory Queue of your choice.
  2. Make sure that the correct Queue type is selected.
  3. Click the Input tab.
  4. Set the input properties of the PrintFactory Queue:
    • ICC profiles and rendering intent
    • Honor embedded profiles
    • Black point compensation
    • Pure hue
    • Load CSF

Screen printing queues

Color conversion of images depends on the selection of a reference profile that serves as a “separation” profile. This reference profile is embedded in the printer profile used by the queue.
For example, to set up generation of halftone separations from an RGB image, you could:
  1. Select Adobe RGB as the input profile (set on the Input tab).
  2. Select ISO Coated ICC as the separation profile (embedded in the printer profile set on the Output tab).
PrintFactory in turn:
  1. Converts the supplied image from RGB to CMYK with reference to the profile settings.
  2. Generates halftone separations from the resulting CMYK image.

ICC profiles and rendering intent

You can set the input ICC profiles and rendering intents for images and vector graphics.
If you’re going to print images or vector graphics of a given color space to this queue, it is strongly recommended that you select and ICC profile for that color space. If the workflow uses a known ICC profile, you can use that profile. If you select the RGB to Gray profile, conversions are from RGB to Lab Gray.
For the Cie Lab color space, PrintFactory always uses the CIE Lab D50 profile.
For proofing queues, it is recommended not to select any profiles.

Honor embedded profiles

Images and vector graphics may already be tagged with an ICC profile. If you expect this to be the case, you can select the option Honor embedded profiles. The ICC profiles embedded in images and vector graphics will then take precedence over the input ICC profiles you specify for the PrintFactory Queue.
For proofing queues, it is recommended not to select this option.

Black point compensation

If you want PrintFactory to map the black point of input profiles to the black point of the output (printer) profile, check Black point compensation.
In some cases, black point compensation can enhance shadow detail. For proofing queues, it is recommended not to select this option.

Pure hue

Select Pure hue if you want to print text and vector graphics using pure primary and secondary colors (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow).
This option turns off color management for text and vector graphics composed of primary and secondary colors, but not for images. In other words, only vector elements that are built up with primary and secondary colors are printed with pure ink colors. For example, a yellow vector element is printed using yellow inks only. The resulting output is pure yellow, but colorimetrically incorrect.
For proofing queues, it is recommended not to select this option.

Load CSF

This option is only recommended for photo printing queues.
To synchronize color handling by PrintFactory and Adobe Photoshop, you can click Load CSF and select a Color Settings File (*.csf ) created through Photoshop.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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