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Ink Consumption calculation

Ink Consumption Calculations can be generated for each job based on the max droplet size added to the pmm. In addition, by creating a price list in the cloud, the cost for each job is available in the Job info in Cloud and can be queried from the Job.xml.

Below, the required 2 steps are explained:

1. define ink consumption in pmm

  • Open Calibrator, select the mode of the pmm
  • click the Ink Estimation Configuration option in the preview window and if not completed, please enter the Max drop size of the print head and click Save
Ink Estimation Configuration button
  • Process a job using this pmm and check job info:
    • RIP: right click job and select Job Info
    • Estimation Tab shows ink consumption.

2. Create Ink Pricelist in Cloud

  • log into app.printfactory.cloud
  • Go to Accounts -> Settings -> Price Lists -> Ink
  • Add Ink Price List
  • Complete pricing and Save
  • Process a job and go to app.printfactory.cloud
  • Production -> Jobs -> select the job -> Ink
Updated on May 19, 2022

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