ICC Variants

ICC based printer profiles (PMM) are default created with 2 variants:
  • Colorimetric : paper relative colorimetric conversion from the normalisation color space (standard) to the printer color space. All out of gamut colors will be clipped (loosing detail). All in-gamut colors are color accurate.
  • Perceptual : perceptual conversion of the full normalisation color space (standard) to the printer color space. Where the normalisation space is bigger than the printer gamut it will be compressed (preserving detail) and where it is smaller it will be expanded.
The PrintFactory Editor and PrintFactory Layout operators will see those options when selecting this PMM.
To enable more advanced conversions, like purifying primaries, PrintFactory Calibrator allows to create custom variants for ICC based PMMs. Those variants will then also become available to the operators.
Managing ICC Variants
To create custom ICC variants, select an ICC based PMM in PrintFactory Calibrator and select one of the predefined variants.
This will enable the button at the bottom, giving you the following options:
  • + : Add a new variant
  • – : Delete the selected variant
  • 2.png : Duplicate the selected variant and edit it
  • Double-click : Edit the selected variant
When for example 2.png is chosen the Edit Variant sheet will show.
The Edit Variant sheet currently allows the settings listed below:
  • Name of the variant
  • Rendering intent to use: Colorimetric, Perceptual of Absolute
  • Purify Primaries : All primary colours (chromatic channels) of the source (normalisation space) are purified. So if CMYK ( 80 / 0 / 0 / 0 ), thus 80% C, in the source exists and the printer CMYK would be ( 67 / 2 / 1 / 0 ) then the function will set the MYK channels to 0, resulting in ( 67 / 0 / 0 / 0 )
  • Purify Secondaries : All secondary colours are purified in the same way as explained above but using the combinations of 2 chromatic channels. So for CMYK: CM, MY, CY. This enables to retain clean Red, Green and Blue.
  • Max 100% Primaries : The 100% value of the primary colours in the source will result in 100% in the printer CMYK. This change is not causing a break, it is not done locally and will gradually move to the default separation behaviour.
  • Max 100% Secondaries : The same as for Max 100% Primaries, but applied on the secondaries.
After creating the new variant it will be listed, but it only will be made permanent (sent to the RIP) when the Save icon in the top-right corner is clicked.
Updated on February 23, 2019

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