HP Wall Art

PrintFactory contains support for HP WallArt.

What is HP WallArt?

The HP WallArt Solution is cloud based software that helps you easily design, 3D visualize and print wall decoration.

Note: More details about HP WallArt can be found here.

PrintFactory and HP WallArt

The functionality can be configured as follow:

  • Start RIP

  • Go to Edit\Preferences (Windows) or RIP\Preferences (Mac)

    RIP Preferences

  • Next in the preferences go to the HP Wallart tab.

  • Here add your credential as shown in the following image.


  • The URL can be accessed by going into the HP Wall-art account in  Settings\Workflow Integration.

  • Username/password are the same as the ones used to login to the HP WallArt site.

    HP Wall-art Preferences

  • While in the Workflow Integration also enable JDF Connectivity and Authentication.

  • Back in the RIP application define a printer and a queue.

  • Select a queue. If you do not select a queue and try to access the HP WallArt you will receive the following warning.

    Warning Window
  • With a queue selected go to File\HP WallArt

    HP WallArt Menu

  • You now have access to the HP WallArt job list as displayed in the following picture

    HP WallArt Job List

Updated on May 19, 2022

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