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HP Latex Profiling with the built in Spectrophotometer

Please be advised that no matter what RIP is driving the HPL365 the pre-set needs to be built on the device first. This process is shown in the YouTube (link below).

If you are to put PrintFactory MX or ICC colour management on top of this then the ICC last step is not required but probably advisable as it doesn’t take too long and you can compare on-board colour management with PrintFactory’s including Ink Saving with MX.

Once the media pre-set has been made it will automatically populate in the Calibrator. You can then pick the media and mode that you wish to base you PrintFactory colour management on.

Simply pick the method by clicking one of the buttons on top either MX or ICC (as per screenshots enclosed).


Give the mode a new name with a suffix of MX or PF-ICC etc and then skip the linearisation step (as the printer has already done this) and print the colourspace chart and measure (if the material is not clear or too thin or textured then the HP’s built-in Xrite Spectro could be used for this process (as per screenshots) –






Once the chart has been read please click the measure button to import and then proceed to finish.



If you get an error on printing the chart you may need to increase the printers network card IO Timeout from the default 600seconds to 2000seconds. This has been an error with new Firmware on our and other RIPs.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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