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HP Latex Build-in Measurement

The HP Latex series offer an build-in measurement device for all supplied models. There is a difference in use and support between the small (baby) and large models (LX).

Latex 2xx/3xx/L25500/L26xxx (baby) series

The build-in measurement device of this printer can be used directly from the Calibration software to measure charts.
The measurements can be used in theory to measure the linearization charts and the calibration charts. In practice it is not recommended to measure the calibration charts using the internal measurement device. Therefore only use the internal measurement device for linearization or a non-binding certification.

Latex 6xx/8xx/3000/L65500 series

The build-in measurement device of this printer is not accessible from any external software and used only to update the internal linearization and ink split tables. This function can be accessed in the media set-up of the DFE that is part of the printer.
Any job send from the RIP and Calibration software will be processed using the printer-internal linearization and ink split tables (Contone printing). Thus updating these tables using the build-in measurement device will influence any print and thus also the calibrations made using the Calibration software. It is therefore recommended to create the linearization and ink split tables only once when creating a custom media on the DFE. Afterwards keep the calibration updated using the Calibration software and an external measurement device.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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