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HP Continuous Printing Activation


HP Continuous Printing is a method in which the HP Latex printer will continue to print one job after the other without entering the cool down/warm up procedure of the printers curing system. This is only available on the ‘baby’ Latex 3xx/5xx series.


The cooling and warming of the HP Latex curing system is a time consuming task. The aim of the HP Continuous printing method is to reduce the overall printing time of multiple jobs by skipping the cool down/warm up sequence. So long as the jobs are being printed on the same media the HP Continuous printing method will continue to feed the printer with jobs available from the RIP queue and the printer will skip the cooling sequence thus resulting in a continuous print.


  1. In the RIP, select the Printer to be used for Continuous Printing.
  2. Add a New “Nesting Setting” in the “Change Media” Dialog box  (See here for more information)

  1. Set Media Type to “Any” in order to apply “Continuous Printing” to all the jobs.
  2. Select “HP Continuous Printing” as the method.

Note: To disable Continuous Printing, you need to delete the Nesting Setting with “HP Continuous Printing” method.

Advanced Option

You can also implement Continuous Printing using Queues by following the steps below, however it is recommended to apply the Continuous Printing function on the printer, rather than a queue:

  1. Select the queue where you would like Continuous Printing to be applied:
  2. In the Collect By Queue setting, select the queue where you like to apply the “Continuous Printing”.


  • The same print mode and resolution must be used for all jobs in the RIP queue selected for continuous printing, to optimize the overall curing time.
  • Job status reporting might be affected using continuous printing mode
  • For the jobs with printer cutting selected, the printer will cut instead of applying continuous printing


Updated on May 19, 2022

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