Below are the configuration and set-up instruction for HandTop printers.


There are 2 ways of connecting the HandTop printer. The first way is the send print files to the HandTop TOPJet application, where you can pickup the file and get it printed. The second is by installing PrintStation on the computer that controls the printer (DFE).


To use the file/folder based method no additional installations need to be done. In the RIP select the folder output which will then create .prn files. Those .prn files can be opened using the TOPJet application that runs on the HandTop controller (DFE).


To use PrintStation first PrintStation needs to be installed on the HandTop controller (DFE) after which the components of the HandTop need to be installed manually in the PrintStation directory next to the PrintStation application.
To install the components do the following steps:
  • Download the 32-bit SeeGet installer for the connected HandTop model and install it.
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\SeeGet directory.
  • Copy the complete content to the PrintStation directory.
  • Start PrintStation and select “Direct to printer” as connection.
  • Test the connection by making a print. If while making the first print using PrintStation the error “File not found” occurs then this indicates that the HandTop components are not copied in the right location. When making the print a, HandTop specific, progress dialog should appear.
Warning: Do never use “Direct to printer” connection in the RIP as the multi-processing behaviour of the RIP conflicts with single-print nature of the printer and thus leads to unexpected behaviour or even crashes.
Note: Make sure to use TOPJet version 1.0.8 or later.

HandTop Control Panel

To make changes to the settings of the printer and to perform maintenance the HandTop control panel can be invoked from within PrintStation. This control panel is invoked when you click the button “Control Panel” is clicked from the settings tab (most right tab). To access the button first unlock the settings by checking the “Use settings below” checkbox.
HandTop Control Panel
Updated on May 19, 2022

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