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Graphtec FC8000 driver settings and workings

This document explains some functionalities of the Graphtec cutter driver and its workings

  1. Settings change for PrintFactory V6
    The Graphtec FC8000 driver has been updated with 64 bit dlls in PrintFactory V6.This requires a setting change on the cutter from auto to HPGL.

  2. Driver settings explained:
    Condition:  refers to the tool number in de device. There are 8 tools
    Velocity:  linear motion speed
    FD:   is the HPGL command for Blade Rotation Control
    The FD feature has to do with how smooth curves or circles are cut. Commonly a value of 30 – 35 is used.  On the machine panel this is referred to as Quality
    Force: downforce of the blade

    On the Graphtec website you can download CuttingMaster. CuttingMaster is an Illustrator plugin that shows all cutter controls in the GPGL driver.

  3. Workings to ensure reliable registration marks pickup:
    a. Types of registration marks:
    the cutter allows for 2 types of registration marks: inwards and outwards.  You have to tell the cutter which registration marks he is expecting.
    -> Default  = Inwards = Type 2

    b. ISM setting:
    to improve the reliability fo the registration marks pickup, Graphtec have introduced the ISM setting.  Make sure this setting is selected on the cutter.  You can find it on the Cutter in Registration marks menu -> Sensing Speed -> ISM

    c. Position of the blade:There are two positions the blade can be mounted:

    • position 1 is for kiss cuts and the blade is directly above the cutting strip
    • position 3 is for through cuts and the blade is above a slight groove in the machine.

To confirm the position press the “Condition” button then choose the “Assign Tool”      option.
The offset due to the wrong position can cause difficulty in reading registration marks.



Updated on May 19, 2022

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