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Generating Job Tickets

What is a job ticket?

A job ticket can be:
    • A media wedge or control strip
    • Job-specific information
A job ticket is appended to the bottom of each print job. You can use one of the predefined print jobs that come with PrintFactory  for example the PrintFactory control strip, or you can generate your own job ticket. The job tickets which you generate are saved in the <Path>\Public\ PrintFactory\Tickets folder.
Once you have generated a job ticket, you can select it for your queue.
            Generating a job ticket and selecting it for your queue.

To generate a job ticket

Proceed as follows:
    1 Choose File > Generate Job Ticket.
    2 Type the name of your job ticket.
    3 Specify the size of the text.
    4 If necessary, click Image to select an image and specify its width and height.
    5 Select the information which you want to see in the job ticket.
    6 Click OK.

To change a job ticket

You can open and edit a job ticket in PrintFactory Editor. Refer to the PrintFactory Editor User Manual or Help.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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