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Generate white layer from queue

You can automatically create a white undercoat from RIP using queues. Instead of white, you can also use other special inks such as Metallic ink or Varnish to create an extra coating or finishing effect.

In order to generate a white layer, the following steps have to be performed:

  1. In RIP, create a queue for the printer.

  2. Go to the section “White”.

  3. Under the “White layers” label, one or more white layers can be configured by selecting the following settings:

  • Channel

  • Method

  • Percentage of color from the generated layer

  • Spread/Choke

  • The size of the Spread/Choke


All the above settings are similar to the ones from Editor described in detail here.

Print white and color on the same printer

If the printing will be performed on the same printer, then the upper part of the White section (Printer, Media, Mode, Variant) should be left empty.

The checkbox “Print white before color” is greyed out, as the user will not have the option to modify this setting. The white job will be processed and printed alongside with the actual job.

Print white on a different printer

If the white layer will be printed on a different printer, then the White printer queue should be configured from the upper part of the White section (Printer, Media, Mode, Variant). 

If everything is configured correctly you should see two jobs generated in RIP: one for the white layers and another for the rest of the channels.


There is also an option to print the white layer before or after color.
If “Print white before color” is selected, the white layer is printed using the preferred settings. The job from the current queue will be on Hold. The job should be resumed when the white layer will be manually moved in the printer which will print the rest of the channels.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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