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Flatbed tiling with overlap in Editor


This document shows how to set up tiling with overlaps for flatbed printing in Editor.  This is not available in Layout.


  1. Open Editor
  2. Open image
  3. Set the total dimensions of the job/ Output
  4. Select Finishing tool

    –   Apply Bleed all round in format of choosing (stretch, mirror,..)
    Note: make sure this step is done before the tiling is applied.
    –   Click ok

  5. Select the Tiling tool
  6. Right click on the Image and select Divide
  7. Fill in amount of tiles and overlap required
  8. Click OK


The result is an exact split in 6 panels with 3 mm overlap:


You can check the info on each panel by right clicking and going to Properties

Updated on May 19, 2022

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