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Epson provides EMX profiles for their printer containing the settings and ICC profiles for many Media & Mode combinations for their printers. Those EMX files can be downloaded using the Epson Edge Dashboard. After setting it up you will have access to the profiles (EMX) provided by Epson. You can use these EMX profiles in PrintFactory by importing them into Calibrator. They can even be converted to PrintFactory VISU profiles in one simple process.



First you will need to locate and download the EMX profiles through the Epson Edge Dashboard:

Once you have downloaded all appropriate EMX profiles, you can locate them on your system here:

Windows  – C:\Users\Public\Documents\Epson\Control Dashboard\S80

Macintosh – Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Epson/Epson Control Dashboard/S80

(Note: ‘S80’ will change depending on the printer model you have installed.)

Now go to Calibrator and select Import PMM, navigate to the correct file location and select all EMX profiles you wish to import:

After you have imported you will receive an import summary:

You will now see the EMX profiles in Calibrator and they are readily available to use with ICC variants.  You can also convert them to PrintFactory VISU. To do so select the media, right click on the print mode and select ‘Convert to VISU’ :


Convert to VISU is not supported for RGB EMX profiles, only CMYK.

Updated on January 23, 2023

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