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Encrypted print & cut jobs

To allow jobs containing sensitive data to be processed along standard jobs without having to modify the workflow PrintFactory offers an encrypted job flow.

Encrypted jobs are encrypted with the unique key of the printer or cutter that is linked to the unique id of the printer or cutter. This ensures that the job can’t be opened, viewed or modified from the moment it is send from pre-press and can only be produced on the designated device.

Also at points where the job is stored the files are encrypted and therefore can’t be scraped at the touch points in the workflow, only modules that do not allow human intervention and that are in the flow to the designated device can modify the job after verifying its destination.

This Security function is available in the Automation, Connect and Industrial license Plans.


Additionally it is also possible to remove the thumbnails and previews of those jobs when this is needed to be compliant. Instead gray placeholders will be shown at all places.


In Editor and Layout its preferences there is an option named “Security printing”. When this is switch on then each job that will be send will be encrypted with the key of its destination.

Updated on June 27, 2022

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