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Editable Tool sets in the RIP

The main tool set content is now editable giving more shortcuts, and the option to remove tools that are not required in the RIPs workflow. This takes the top drop down menu contents and enables them to be ordered into the tool bar across the top of the screen.


To do this, simply access the Preferences of the RIP from the drop down Menu, and click Toolbar to reveal the interface.

The left hand list shows the current configuration, and the right hand shows tools that are available to be added.  By clicking on a tool on the left hand side this acts as a place holder for the available icon, for example if you want to add ‘Inspect Job’ above ‘Approve Job’, then click on Approve Job and then click on Inspect Job and press the left arrow to move it to the toolbar.

In reverse, tools can be removed from the bar. By highlighting and then clicking the arrow buttons moves each tool into the other side.


Updated on May 19, 2022

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