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Double Sided with multipage PDFs


Automatically creating the print file for the B side from a multipage PDF with A-side images different from B side images.


The multipage PDF has to have all A side images on the even pages and all B side images on the odd pages.


  • Open Layout
  • Select Double sided
  • Go to File -> Add Job and browse to the Multipage PDF -> Open
    => The images of all odd page numbers are all loaded on the A side.
  • Nest the images in the Alignment and nesting window
    • In Double sided window -> set settings:
    • transparent or Opaque for B side
    • opacity
    • and turn (flip left to right) or tumble (flip bottom to top)
  • Generate B pages
    => B side is populated with the images on the Even pages of the multipage PDF.


Updated on May 19, 2022

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