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Dot Gain Correction Curve

About Dot Gain correction

Dot gain correction allows for 2 uses:
  • Compensate for dot gain curves in the imagesetter or platesetter RIP
  • Make visual color adjustments
The dot gain correction curve is saved in the ICC profile.

How to edit Dot Gain curves

1.  Open Calibrator

2.  For dot gain correction:  select the profile you wish to edit and click:

3.  Select an ink channel and do any of the following:

  • Select the respective curve and drag it to the desired position – (Master will amend all colors)
  • Click on a point in the curve and fill in the input and output percentages of this point:

Repeat this for each of the ink channels you wish to amend.

4. Click Save

5. If necessary, change the name of the printer profile.

Note: You may wish to change the name of the printer profile to indicate that dot gain compensation has been used.
You can also Import or Export tonal curves.
Updated on August 4, 2022

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