Decor tool

The Decor tool simulates and recreates accurately conventionally printed decor designs, e.g marble, wood, leather, stone,.. simulations
The feature maps the amount of colors of e.g. the gravure press and enables the creation of a custom chart using only those colors.

A database is created with all the measured color combinations and new combinations can be created using the already available colors from the database.

Below are the steps to:

1. create the charts and build the database and

2 how to apply this to the design.

1. Create a custom target chart

  1. Open Calibrator > View > Measurement Database
  2. Select + to add new chart and click Measure
  3. Select the amount of color channels of the e.g. gravure printer and the amount of patches
  4. Ensure the correct Spectro is set
  5. Export the file and an .pdf measure chart is created
  6. print it on the e.g. gravure printer
  7. In Calibrator, select Commit and measure the printed chart and Finish
    • => a new Measurement database is added.

2. Using Data base to create a new Reference

In Editor, open the image. It has 4 colors in the image defines as 1ok,2ok,3ok,4ok. These we will map to the colors from the database.

  1. In the Output Windows select the Reference profile icon
  2. Select Compose to create a new reference based on the database measurements
  1. Drag the measured colors into the order of print. In this case: Y, M,C, K. Click OK
  1. Go to Extra > Map spot
  2. Drag the spots to the correct output channel
    • => the new spots are applied

When the database is populated with more color measurements, more combinations become available in Editor to pick from.

Updated on July 14, 2022

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