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Custom Image labels

Labels in Layout

Layout has default 4 labels:


You can add custom labels to this list.

Create Custom Labels in Layout

  • Create a label in Editor:
    • make a placeholder
    • add content: text or image
    • Save this file out as a .aur file
  • In Software Manager, you can import the label.
  • Close Layout and re-open and the label will show in the drop down menu.

Alternatively, you can Export a label from SW manager, open it in Editor, amend, save under a new name and import.

A label you create for Layout can include any of the variables shown in Generate Job Label in the RIP.  Ensure the string respects all spaces and Capitals.

Labels in RIP

Create a Job Label

  • Go to File -> Generate Job Label and all variables to include in a label are shown:


  • Name the label and select the variables you wish to include.  You can also include a logo or .pdf with some text.
  • Right click the printer for which you wish to include the label and select New Queue
  • Select the Standardised Printing queue and go to the Layout Tab.screen-shot-2018-01-17-at-17-37-30
  • Under the Job Label you will see the labels you created:
  • When you drop a file in the Hotfolder of this queue, the label will be added to the file.  The hot folder can be found:
    • on Mac:  c:\\Users\Shared\PrintFactory\Hotfolders
    • on Win. c:\\Users\Public\PrintFactory\Hotfolders

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Updated on February 23, 2019

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