Creating Text

Creating Type on a Path

You can place text on paths, also on paths that are in a compound. A compound is a group of objects put together as if it concerns one object.
How to place text on a path
    1. Select the Text tool text from the Tools panel.
    2. Move your cursor over a path or a compound of paths.
        The cursor changes from the regular text symbol to a text symbol with a waved line.
    3. Click the path of your choice to type text on a path.
        Text is placed upon the path and will follow the shape of the path.
How to place text upright
    1. Place text on path.
    2. Choose Text > On Path (Upright).
How to place text under a path
    1. Place text on path.
    2. Choose Text > Align Bottom.
How to convert text to paths (outlines)
You can convert text to paths, so that the text turns into a graphic object to avoid font hassles or to be able to apply more options. Once a text is converted into a graphic object, it cannot be edited anymore.
    1. Using the Selection tool, click a text box.
    2. Choose Extra > Convert to Path.
        The text is converted into a vector shape.
How to align text
In the control panel of the Text tool, you can select the alignment for your text: screen-shot-2018-03-14-at-17-31-56
How to use the tabulator to align text
Tabs are used for text in columns. Every time a tab is inserted in the text a default tab distance is used.
You can set tab stops with the help of the Tabulator panel.
  1. Select the text in which you want to align the tabs by using the Text tool text.
  2. Choose Text > Tabulator.
  3. The Tabulator panel appears.
  4. Click the Snap button.
    The Tabulator panel snaps to the text box so that it creates a temporary ruler in which you can define the tab stops.
    Select one of the tab alignment buttons in the upper left corner of the panel.
  5. Place a tab stop by clicking on the tab ruler.
    (You can afterwards drag it to another position, if required.)
  6. Optional: To edit a tab stop, double-click the tab stop icon to open the Tabulator Settings.

Defining Text Properties

You can set the text style in the control panel of the Text tool. By filling out specific values you can adjust the text spacing and condense or italicize the text. Below are some examples of text with a specific style.

Entering Text at a Point

You can easily and accurately place text by using of the Text tool text in combination with the control panel.
You can start to type text from any point. Text is put in text boxes or can be placed on paths. You can define the alignment and tabulator values. You can also align the text boxes or align text on paths.
You can either add text by means of a predefined box or you can type your text directly. In the latter case, a box will be created outside the text you have typed. These boxes are for selection purposes only and will not be printed.
How to enter text
    1. Select the Text tool from the Tools panel.
    2. On the control panel, select a font from the Font list.
    3. Specify the font size and, if necessary, the line spacing.
    4. Choose Text > Tabulator to open the tabulator panel in order to set the tabulator alignment and width.
    5. Choose Window > Color to set the text color.
    6. Click on the document and type your text.

Entering Text in an Area

You can define a rectangular bounding area for text and define its size in the control panel of the Text tool.
How to enter text in an area
    1. Make sure that no text is currently selected.
    2. Select the Text tool text from the Tools panel.
    3. Click on the workspace and drag diagonally to define a rectangular bounding area.
    4. Specify the properties of the bounding area in the control panel, for example, the size of the text box and the text alignment.
    5. Click Apply.
    6. Enter the text into the bounding area.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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