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Connect to remote USB device over the Network

This topic describes the process of sharing a USB connected printer (or other device) over a Network. This will allow you to remotely print files to the printer even without being connected to it.

Note: This tutorial make the following assumptions:

  • You have two Windows PCs in the same network,

  • You have the correct rights to install additional software of both PCs,

  • You have a usb connected printer that you want to share via Network.

  • You have the latest version of PrintFactory.

Please follow the next steps in described order. Please make sure to not skip any of the instructions. If any of the below instructions is not followed, then this tutorial might not work.

Server Configuration

  1. Follow the next link to download the software. Based on your OS, please make sure to select the correct version: x32 or x64.

Note: Download the application on both computers.

  1. Double click on the downloaded .msi file to install the app. Do this first on the PC that has the actual USB connection.

  2. Follow the setup until you reach the Custom Setup step. Here check the Server check box.

Note: Starting from now, we will refer to this PC as the Server.

Server Selection

  1. In the next step, select Trial Version if you do not have a license key.

Note: Please be aware that the trial is only valid for 14 days.

Select License

  1. In the next steps you don not need to change anything, so just click Next and Install.

  2. Once the install is done, click Finish.

  3. Start your printer. For this tutorial we used an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 printer.

  4. Open the new installed application. You should see something like in the next screen:

Printer USB port

  1. Next, with the printer connected and selected in the application, click Share Port.

Share Device Button

  1. If the sharing is successful, you should see the following:

Successful Shared Device

Client Configuration

  1. On the second computer, run the same setup for the USB over Network.

  2. When you reach the Custom Setup step, check the Client Check box.

Note: Starting from now, we will refer to this PC as the Client.

Client Configuration

  1. The next steps are the same as for the Server Setup.

  2. After the application is started, we need to add the server. This is done by going to Edit\Add Server.

Adding Server to Client

  1. In the Remote IP address or Computer Name add the IP address of the Server and click OK.

  2. Now the shared port should become available in the application UI.

Share port becomes available

  1. Right click on the Port and select Connect. Now you are connected to the printer.

Installing the driver

For the configuration to work, you need to have the driver installed on Client. We will not go through this process, because it is printer related and this could also vary from one environment to another.

Configure RIP Printer

Next, you need to configure the printer in the RIP.

  1. Open RIP and create the printer as you would regularly do.

  2. Select the port connection.

  3. The printer name should be displayed here.

Port Connection

  1. Click OK and you are done.

Starting from here, you can use your printer as if it was connected to your PC (Client).

Updated on May 19, 2022

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