Configuring Queues

Using the Queue Options dialog

To configure a PrintFactory Queue, you use the Queue Options dialog. You do this when you create a new queue, but you can also change the configuration of a queue later. The idea is that you:
  1. Select a queue.
  2. Open the Queue Options dialog.
  3. Go through the tabs and select the appropriate options.
            A. Tabs
            B. More info area

To access the Queue Options dialog

Do one of the following:
  • Double-click a PrintFactory Queue in the Output to pane.
  • Select a PrintFactory Queue and choose File > Queue > Setup.

Overview of PrintFactory Queue properties

The properties of a PrintFactory Queue are arranged in categories, presented by the various tabs in the Queue Options dialog. Some tabs are available for some types of queues only. For example, the Proofing tab is only available for color Proofing and 1-Bit Proofing queues. You can click the greater-than signs (>>) in a cell to navigate to the respective configuration instructions.
The settings of the color management in PrintFactory RIP are overridden by the settings from PrintFactory Editor, when the job is submitted directly from PrintFactory Editor. The job will only use the printer profile set in the Output tab.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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