Defining a set of Colorways inside a job can be done from PrintFactory Editor. Prior to creating the Colorway, objects of the desired spot color(s) should be added to the document. After creating the objects inside the document, the ‘New Colorway’ option can be accessed from the Input/ Output menu.


To add more colorways to the job, you will just have to replace the existing spot colors with other ones, then save the colorway using the New Colorway option. This can be done by dragging and dropping colors from the Color List window over the spot colors that are already defined or by changing the spot colors or named colors inside the Output menu.

The ‘Colorways’ functionality is available in Layout and allows you to easily switch between the different colorways that are already defined in a job.  To save the colorways in the job, save the file from Editor as a .aur.
Switching between colorways in layout can be done either from Edit > Set Colorways or from the Textile Step & Repeat tab.


Note that the ‘Set Colorway’ option is only available when the PrintFactory Layout application is used standalone or when launched from PrintFactory RIP.  When the file is sent from Editor, Set Colorways is not available in Layout.
To apply a colorway on a job, click on the colorway name from the list, then move it to the Active Colorway window.
pic3_colorwaysA colorway can be easily applied to all copies of a job placed on a media, that were generated either using the ‘Step & Repeat’ functionality, or using the ‘Number of Copies’ option.
A new colorway can be created by double clicking and setting the desired values for the channels. Afterwards, save the colorway by using the Save icon and giving it a new name.
The Import icon will import the values of the saved Colorway into the selected Colorway.  Apply the colors by clicking OK.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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