Color Management

    Selecting color management preferences in PrintFactory Editor.
On the Standard tab, you can select the Print Standard you mostly use (for example ISO Coated v2 or GRACol). Selecting a Print Standard is a useful color management default for files that do not contain any output intent (reference profile). In this case, the selected Print Standard is assigned to the file as output intent when it is opened.
If you also activate the option Use PDF/X Output Intent, the embedded output intent of the PDF is used as reference profile instead of the selected Print Standard. The PDF is first converted to the color space of the output intent (including all transparency and overprint effects) and then printed according to the selected profile variant of the PMM.
Note: The color management settings from the Input tab of the queue in RIP are ignored when sending a job from Editor. Settings from Editor take precedence.
Note: Under the Embed profiles section on the Color tab, it is highly recommended to set Apply on Opening to Never.
Note: If you choose No Softproof as Preview option, the Input/Output panel (Window menu >Input/Output) and the Generate White tool (Extra menu > Generate White) will not be available.
For a color accurate Preview, you can either select the Print Standard or the Printer Output. Using PMMs (with DeviceLink profiles), it is recommended to select the optionPrinter Output, as this will render a preview based on the created DeviceLink profiles.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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