Cloud Certification

From V6.3.6 onwards a QR code is printed next to the Media wedge.  This feature allows you to :

  • certify jobs remotely
  • share the certification results online
  • pull the certification results via a mobile scannable QR code
  • still certify jobs that are no longer in the RIP


  1. Layout -> image marks -> Label:  select the media wedge and submit the file to the RIP
  2. Start Calibrator -> Tools -> Certify Job and scan de barcode with a 2D Barcode scanner
  3.  Select Commit and Measure the wedge and certify the job.

Sharing the certification results


    • go to Dashboard > Jobs
    • Select the Job and View te results in Certification Tab

View Certify results via mobile scanner

Scan the QR code to pull up the certify results

Updated on May 19, 2022

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