PrintFactory Calibrator lets you manage media and mode names for existing profiles. It scans the Application/Calibration folder at startup to check for available media.
To launch the PrintFactory Calibrator, proceed as follows:
  • in PrintFactory RIP select File > Media Calibrator.
The PrintFactory Calibrator is displayed.
The media names present in the profiles (.dfp) from the profile folder will show on the left pane. If no media names have been defined (the case with pre-v1 profiles) then the Generic Media name will show.

Check media and modes

To check media and modes, proceed as follows:
  • Select a media name in the left pane.
All modes (profiles) available associated to that media are displayed in the right pane.
Every Mode name corresponds to a physical profile in the Calibration folder.

Change media name

If you want to change the media name contained in a profile proceed as follows:
    1.    Click the + button to create a new media name. This name will appear in the left pane.
    2.    Select the media, then the mode that needs to be changed.
    3.    Drag the mode from the right column onto the newly created media in the left pane.
    4.    The mode is now associated with the new media name.

Change mode name

If you want to change the mode name contained in a profile, proceed as follows:
  1. Double click on the Mode name that needs to be changed
  2. Enter the new mode name
  3. Click OK.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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