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Advanced queue settings for tiling templates

When a template file with tiles is created in the Editor, it can be used in the RIP. ( In QueueSetup -> Layout ).

If the template file contains a placeholder, this will be filled in with the contents of the file(s) dropped in the hotfolder.

The file will then be produced using the tiles from the template file.

There are some extra settings which can be done when the template file contains tiles ( basically the same settings as when the file with tiling was send directly to theRIP with “submit job” ).

To make these settings, the XML file containing the RIP preferences must be edited (usually located in the public folder on Windows and the preference folder in the user domain on MacOS X). The settings can be added to a queue tag (PrinterListItemQueueArray0 ) in this xml.



When the value of a keyword is a real, it’s value is expressed in 1 / 18th inch. ( so a value of 18 means 1″)

The tags containing the keywords must look like this:



Where KEYWORD is one of the possible keywords ( twice ) and TYPE and VALUE are the type and one of the possible values for the keyword.


<Mirror Type="Boolean">true</Mirror>

Possible keywords:

Keyword Type Value Description
MarkerType Int 1 Registration marks
2 Crop marks
4 Border, see keywords BorderType, BorderOffset and BorderColor
MarkerSize Real >0 The size of the border around the tile part containing the decoration specified with MarkerType. The size is expressed in units.
BleedSize Real > 0 The amount of bleed to add to each tile part expressed in units.
OverlapWhite Real >0 The amount of white to leave on the overlap area of a tile part, this value should be less than the size of the overlap. This value is expressed in units.
Mirror Boolean true Mirror the tile part and its decoration.
false Leave the tile part untouched by mirror.
BorderType String Off Do not generate a border around the tile part.
Solid Draw a solid line around the tile part with an offset specified by BorderOffset using the color specified by BorderColor.
Dash Draw a dashed line around the tile part with an offset specified by BorderOffset using the color specified by BorderColor.
Cut Not available yet.
BorderOffset Real Offset of the border relative to the outer border of the tile part expressed in units.
BorderColor String Draws the border with the given color. Valid values are: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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