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Advanced Configuration Settings

The file ProductConfig.xml that is located next to the application contains several settings that are not commonly set by end-users. This file can be used to tailor the set-up but is overwritten each installation and update to the default settings.

Below is a short summary of the settings that is available in the /Config/Options section:
 Keyword  Values Description
 Layout Boolean When set to false not Layout but the legacy Submit Job dialog will be used for sending jobs from Editor to the RIP
 DiskCacheSize  Integer (MB) Number of MB of memory to use at maximum for caching image data of the document (PDF) to render.
 RIPBandSize  Integer (MB) Number of MB of memory to use at maximum for rendering a band. The same amount will be used for the number of internal buffers for the processing pipeline queues. The bigger the band size the bigger chunks will be done at once.
 SendAllDocuments  Boolean When set to true then all open documents will be send to Layout when submitting a job. If set to false only the front document will be send.
 FontAntialiasing  Boolean Use anti-aliasing for fonts. In some cases in might be needed to have more crisp fonts and thus switch it off.
 LightAdaptionChart  Boolean Enable or disable the Light Adaption tool
 HotfolderPreprocessJobs  Boolean All jobs received in the hot folder will be converted to PDF VM format (aur) before sending it to the RIP process. This enable early detection of corrupt files and faster processing during nesting.
 ThumbnailWidth  Integer Size of the thumbnails used for Layout. Default set to 1024 pixels.
 CropMarkLength  Float Length of the black part of the crop marks. Default set to 0.5, thus 50% is black, 50% is white.
 HPStatusInterface  Boolean Enables the HP Status Interface and shows the ink levels, media and warnings of the printer in the RIP UI. In cases of higher latency or poor networks switch this off to prevent printing problems.
 PPDNoMargins  Boolean When set then PPDs without margins in the media size definitions are created. Those can be recognised by the NM-prefix instead of the AU-prefix. This is useful when printing different sizes from 3rd party applications to a printer with roll media loaded.
 FlowConnect  Boolean Enables GMG FlowConnect support to be able to use to GMG ColorServer as pre-processor for hot folders.
 HoldPrintJob  Boolean  Sets every spool/print job to hold by default.
 IgnorePageSizeMismatch  Boolean  Ignores mismatch of media sizes when jobs are dropped in the hot folder when set.
 IgnorePSFontErrors  Boolean  Ignores PostScript font errors and font substitutions.
 MinimumStrokeWidth  Float Sets the minimum stroke width when the render quality is set above normal. This prevents hairlines from being anti-aliased and thus dithered when printed (thus crisp hairlines).
Updated on May 19, 2022

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