Add/Update RIP configuration

RIP configurations are linked to a specific computer, identified by its ComputerGUID. If any RIP configuration file with the ComputerGUID is found, the RIP configuration file is updated, otherwise a new RIP configuration file is added.



Request Headers:

Content-Type : multipart/form-data
HardwareHash : see Authentication
SerialNumber : see Authentication
ApplicationVersion : see Authentication

Request Body:

Form data 1: required

  • Name: JsonString
  • Content-Type: application/json
  • {“ComputerGUID”:”00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000″}
    The GUID of the RIP Computer is passed as ComputerGUID

Form data 2: required

  • Name: RIP.xml (input file element can have any name)
  • Content-Type: application/xml
  • The XML file of the configuration


Content type of the response is in JSON format.


200 OK : {“Message”: “Configuration successfully added”}


  • 400 Bad Request : {“Message”:””ComputerGUID” required”}
  • 400 Bad Request : {“Message”:””Validation of ComputerGUID failed”}
  • 401 Unauthorised : {“Message”:”Invalid HardwareHash”}
  • 401 Unauthorised : {“Message”: “”MisKey” or “HardwareHash”, “SerialNumber” and “ApplicationVersion” header are required”}
  • 415 Unsupported Media Type : {“Message”:”This request is not properly formatted”}
  • 500 Internal Server Error : {“Message”:”Internal Server Error”}
Updated on March 12, 2019

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