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About PrintFactory Queues and PMM

To be able to create a queue in PrintFactory RIP, or to print to the PrintFactory RIP from PrintFactory Editor you need to have profiles installed for that printer in the Calibration folder. You first need copy profiles in the calibration folder, or – if you don’t have any – create them with PrintFactory Calibrator.
You can find existing printer profiles in:
  • The PrintFactory library of printer profiles, which is distributed on CD, and updated in the Support area of app.printfactory.cloud.
  • The PrintFactory/Calibration/ folder on your computer, which can contain standard or user-defined printer profiles. For Mac and Windows XP this folder is located in the PrintFactory installation folder, for Windows Vista and Windows 7 either in the individual user’s folder or in the public folder.

You can set up the following types of PrintFactory Queues:

  • Color proofing queues
  • Photo printing queues
  • 1-Bit proofing queues
  • Screen printing queues

Or you can use the Printer/Media/Mode technology:

  • About Printer/Media/Mode

Color proofing queues

A color proofing queue simulates a specific printing process. The queue is configured to reproduce the colors of the reference profile when you print a proof on your inkjet printer.

Photo printing queues

A photo printing queue prints reproductions of source images and vector graphics. Output is optimized for the gamut of the target inkjet printer. Applications include large-format printing, photo printing, poster printing, and fine-art printing.

1-Bit proofing queues

A 1-bit proofing queue simulates a halftone printing process for which 1-bit TIFF source files are created, such as for offset or flexographic printing. Using the same 1-bit files generated for the press, PrintFactory composes and prints
color-corrected proofs. As for color proofing queues, the color space is limited to that of the reference profile. The 1-bit TIFF format is secure, and halftones in the prepress source files are preserved.

Screen printing queues

A screen printing queue generates halftone separations, from pre-separated or composite files. Outputs are ready-to-use silkscreen films.

About Printer/Media/Mode

With the Printer/Media/Mode technology you can print from PrintFactory Editor to any configured printer, without pre-configuring the RIP with queues. This way you can avoid to set up many different queues per printer.
Nevertheless, for cutting, it is necessary to define queues in Production-Suite RIP.
For details how to set up Printer/Mode/Media, please refer to the PrintFactory Calibrator user manual.
Updated on May 19, 2022

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