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Job XML Definition


A job in the workflow is defined as an XML containing the properties of the job:

  • Resources : input file(s), profiles

  • Layout : media size, position, output size, mirror

  • Device settings

  • Color management instructions

  • Logs : processing time, ink usage, media usage

The job is passed to a component, such as a RIP or a Printer, which reads the settings relevant to that component (and can add things like logs or additional settings for use further downstream in the workflow).

Each component can do its job without depending on other components.

File structure

A job on disk follows the following layout:

GUID : folder with the GUID of the job as name (Mandatory)

  • Settings.xml : the job settings described below (Mandatory)
  • META : halftone and vector data and preview of rendered page
  • -job name-.-ext- : the input file (if no external location specified in the job and the input file is not already PDF)
  • -job name-.pdf : the PDF resulting from the input file after interpretation (if no external location is specified in the job)Any further resources that are to be kept with the job

XML tags

The XML tags need only to be available when:

  • the setting is relevant to the job and its components

  • has a value other than its default value

  • is required

The XML tags are stored all on the same level in the job node. The root-level node is “Job”. The grouping below is based on its functionality, there is no required sequence for the elements in the root level node. All dimensions related values are expressed in float and using a unit of 1/18″. So 1 inch is equal to 18 units.


XSD : https://printfactory.cloud/schema/2.0/PrintFactoryJob.xsd

Job Schema Documentation