Textile Step & Repeat

Basic Textile Step & Repeat sample, using the PDF file stored locally.

To submit a file on a Mac file store use the following notation:


Where /Files is the root of the volume.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <Name>Fashion Formula Test S&amp;R</Name>
    <User>PrintFactory Consult</User>
            <FilePath Id="REF001" Copies="1" IsTemporary="false">/Files/MyPattern.jpg</FilePath>
            <SourceArea Left="0" Top="0" Right="1000" Bottom="500" />
            <Scale X="0.5" Y="0.5" />
                <Design Width="177.165354330708661" Height="177.165354330708661" />
                <Offset X="0" Y="0" />
                <Drop Numerator="1" Denominator="2" />

The key element is the node: StepAndRepeat which can contain the following elements:

  • Type : Type of repeat:

0: Straight

1: Horizontal Step

2: Vertical Step

3: Horizontal Return

4: Vertical Return

5: Horizontal Returned Jump

6: Vertical Returned Jump

7: Horizontal and Vertical Returned

  • Design Node defining the pattern size with attributes:
    • Width : Width of the pattern in units
    • Height : Height of the pattern in units
  • Offset Optional node defining the start offset of the pattern with the attributes:
    • X : Offset from the left in units (0 when not defined)
    • Y : Offset from the top in units (0 when not defined)
  • Spacing Optional node defining the distance between the repeats of the pattern with the attributes:
    • X : Horizontal space (0 when not defined)
    • Y : Vertical space (0 when not defined)
  • Repeats : Optional node defining the number of repeats. If this is not defined the size defined by SourceArea is filled with the rapport. If the repeats exceed the SourceArea then this will be used as clip-mask. This node has the attributes:
    • X : Horizontal repeats
    • Y : Vertical repeats
  • Drop : Optional node defining the drop when of the types using a drop have been defined. The drop can be defined as fraction using attributes Numerator and Denominator or as absolute size using the attribute Size. When using Numerator/Denominator the fraction defines the fraction of the width or height of the pattern.