API Sample Client

We’ve created a small application that emulates the websocket submission to the API. This lets you input an MIS Key (PrintFactory unique API Key), then select a RIP/Device/Queue and XML job ticket – and submit the job via PrintFactory Cloud to your RIP.

The API Emulator lets you submit Job XMLs easily to the API using a GUI. The emulator automatically generates example code using the GUID values in the dropdowns.

The MIS Key creates a connection with the API and defines the serial number and RIP to be used. You’ll find the MIS Key on app.printfactory.cloud, under the [User] menu at the top right, [Settings], and then [External API].

The application shows the sample code needed to submit jobs. All source code is contained in the Visual Studio Project.

The API Emulator only works on Windows and can be downloaded here: ApiEmulator