What is contained in a Job Backup

A backup of a job is a ZIP file containing all the files which were used to process the job:

  • ICC profiles
  • Printer profiles (*.pmm)
  • Job tickets
  • PDF files
  • An XML file containing the settings of your PrintFactory printers and queues

You may want to create a backup of a job in case you need support.


How to Backup a Job

Proceed as follows:

   1 In the jobs lists, locate the job of which you want to create a backup.

   2 Do one of the following:

  •    In Microsoft Windows, right-click the job.
  •    In the Mac OS, Control-click the job.

   3 Choose Back up Job.

   4 Select a folder and save the ZIP file.


How to Restore a Job

Proceed as follows:

   1 From the RIP, click the Edit drop down menu at the top of the screen.

   2 Click Restore Preferences.

   3 Locate your backup job required by navigating through your finder.

   4 Click Open.

The job is now restored back into the RIP, with all the settings retained from the time it was backed up.